Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thunder and Lightning

Last night we had a thunderstorm - or rather, several.

And they weren't the normal nice thunderstorms, but the kind where you literally can't see out the windows because the rain is coming that hard and it's blowing sideways, besides.

Oh, and it's white, because the lightning is literally coming every second, right over your house. (Seriously, a map of lightning strikes was just one big blur, on the news.)

But for all the storm's ferocity over those couple of hours... I actually enjoyed it.

I mean, we were inside the house. No broken windows. We had power, but it wouldn't have mattered much if we hadn't - the place was quite well-lit from those bolts and I had candles besides.

It was strangely... I hesitate to say peaceful, but maybe peace-bringing?

I'm not sure how to explain it, but being safe inside while the fury of the storm raged around, just watching out the windows as the neighborhood was lit up lie a Christmas tree, jumping as the occassional bolt hit the driveway... well, Maggie and I just sort of relaxed and took it all in.

I know it was a ferocious storm, tearing the roofs off of houses, gusts to 95 mph, tornado sirens screaming at Wrigley, buildings blown flat, trees down, power out for days, probably.

But it was still beautiful, awesome in its power.

Just a little reminder from above, I guess. :)

1 comment:

KC Ryan said...

Okay, nearly 90,000 bolts hit in four hours.
Usually takes SIX MONTHS.
Yep, that was a heckuva storm, all right :)