Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Take Me Out To A Ballgame... Again!

That was this weekend.

Monday I went to the White Sox game with my company.

I didn't realize that the boss had paid for really good tickets, up in the skyboxes. We rode the elevator up, walked down the hall and into the box. It was only five seats wide, but that was enough because half the guys just munched down on hot dogs and the dessert cart - man, was that fancy!

I enjoyed myself, really. It was quite the gesture from a boss who won't pay to have our name on the sign out front.

But one, it was the White Sox. Crosstown rivals to my team, the Cubs.

Actually, the Cubs are our team. You just can't get fifteen tickets to a Cubs game, even if you had an open checkbook. There are certainly no skyboxes!

And two, the Sox are leading the division, just like the Cubs, but there were plenty of seats available that night. Look, guys, your team is WINNING and you can't sell tickets? The Sox are continually advertising tickets for sale. The Cubs sold everything out in hours, months ago.

Truth to tell, I kind of wish the Cubs had some extra tickets available, so you could just go down to the game. Just can't do that, and that's a shame.

Kind of funny. The Sox have this big new stadium with lights and sports boxes and fireworks with every home run and spinning lights on the scoreboard and TVs and really good food and it's right off the freeway.
The Cubs have an ancient hole of a stadium with no special boxes and ballpark food and it's in the middle of a neighborhood (NO parking!) and the score is kept by hand - it's not even an electronic sign!
And guess who attracts more fans?

Be it Miller Park in Milwaukee (just up the road - hey, they serve Leinenkugel, can't be all bad ;) ) the Sox or the Cubs, there's no place in the summer like a ballpark.

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