Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Take Me Out To A Ballgame... Please!

Aaron Storck dropped by this week, in town for a meeting. We went out to pizza with Maggie, out to the local racetrack (where Aaron showed me a thing or two with his consarned fancy betting - Exacta? Didn't he used to fight Combatra in Shogun Warriors?) and up to the Yolo Auto Museum before he had to head home.

The Yolo Auto Museum is quite a place - six large buildings filled with finely-shined cars from all different eras, all for sale. But wait! There's the Batmobile, Black Beauty, the Scooby-Doo van, Fred Flintstone's car, the Back to the Future DeLorean, a Hagar the Horrible viking boat car (?!), Herman Munster's dragster, Grandpa Munster's coffin car, and cars from XXX, Fast and the Furious, and quite a few other movies.

There's also a military sort-of museum, which I call GI Joe Museum, because the displays are based on what they could get - you see a Soviet group with a machine gun next to an Italian display next to an American display of a tiny snowmobile-like vehicle. Cool, stuff I haven't seen elsewhere, but the diaramas get kind of cheesy after awhile.

Oh, and six more buildings filled with antiques. And a General Store. And a candy store. And...

Well, we just did the military and cars.

That night Maggie and I went to a Kane County Cougars game, intending to meet up with her cousin, who had written a book on baseball's Hall of Famers and was signing the book at the game (seems he got his start in sports with the Cougars and was paying them back, so to speak).

Well, we made the mistake of going to Mass before the game, and got there at 6:15. We kept getting idrected farther andfarther from the stadium and at 1/2 mile away I asked a parking lot guy whether there were any tickets - and he said just lawn seats. We actualy did not go in,figuring by the time we walked to the stadium there wouldn't even be that.

It was Single A ball!

What the heck? I mean, the Schaumburg Flyers never sell out!

Of course, the Cougars advertise like hell, have fireworks on every weekend game, and promote the team incessantly. Guess it works.

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