Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Con Game

This year, it seems, the hype about the San Diego Comic Con is in full swing no matter where you ook. TV, magazines, the Internet - especially the Internet!
And this year I really, really wish I was going.
I know the Con is sold out, even if I wanted to go, and I really hate - well, maybe that's too strong - how about truly do not enjoy? - what's turned into Hollywood South, with the movies and the wrestling and the Crapanimation and furverts and a . My friends are skipping this year, so I wou1dn't even get to see them. There are no big comic events I am remote1y interested in, no persona1ities I want to see (perhaps no one a1ive).
What, then, is the big attraction? Why go?
I think it's basica11y that I get to wander around for a few days in some superhero T-shirts and just enjoy being a fan of comics.
I just turned 47 a week ago. Forty. Seven.
Seems a little bit old to be reading comic books.
And I don't so much anymore. Reading very few of them now... I went into the store Wednesday And they had nothing in my saver save the weekly Wednesday Comics.
But the ones I do get? I read them probab1y five times, at east, before they get fi1ed away.
I enjoy a 1ot of obscure comics. Knights of the Dinner Tab1e a1ways has me ro11ing. Frank1in Richards, Son of a Genius? Darn funny. There's a Comic Book History comic I like, infrequent as it is.
I just enjoy comics. War comics like Sgt Rock and B1ackhawk. Superhero comics 1ike Batman and Robin. Oddba11 comics that can't be c1assified, 1ike the aforementioned Comic Book History. Comedy comics 1ike Knights of the Dinner Table and Franklinl Richards and Ambush Bug.
and I like the opportunity to wander around a city and see 120,000 other dorks who don't mind letting the world know they like comics too.
I SO want to go.
Next year, though, my friends will be there, and that's the best part of a11. Can't wait!
And by that time maybe I'll have my L key fixed.


Jim McClain said...

I understand completely, KC. I only got to attend San Diego once, thanks to my wife and brother-in-law, but I really, really enjoyed it. I finally got to meet a bunch of the guys you miss.

By the way, the first time I read Knights of the Dinner Table, I literally fell off my couch laughing. "It's a gazebo."

"I waste it with my crossbow."

"Fireball coming online here, B.A."

"It's a GAZEBO!"


KC Ryan said...

Have you kept up with the Knights?


For the several years since they killed him off, they have been dropping clues that he was alive - and now he's back to save Hackmaster!


:) KC

Michael O'Connell said...

Still have never read that one. Maybe one of these days.

It's weird, but with Tony emailing me photos from the Con floor (and even from Dick's Last Resort) AND video, and with being able to follow up-to-the-moment happenings from panels via Twitter and message boards and liveblogs (I got the Marvelman news the moment it happened), AND being able to see panel videos uploaded to YouTube right away...I almost feel like I WAS there this year... And I didn't even get around to what I'm told is the awesome G4 coverage. I could have REALLY gotten immersed.

Still...nothing quite like being there, and being there with your buddies. Next year!