Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Break

It's the All-Star break in baseball, a time midway through the season when everyone stops battling each other for a while and takes some time off for the All-Star game.

I like the All-Star break. Sometimes it falls on my birthday, sometimes not, but it's a good place to stop and look at your life.

I also like the All-Star game, where baseball's favorites (I hate to say best in this case!) get together and the American League wins. (Heh - only half-kidding). I thinkit's fun to watch all these guys play in a game together.

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Jim McClain said...

I agree. It's great to see the very best hitters facing the very best pitchers. Baseball' All-Star game, more than any other sport's is really an accurate portrayal of the best vs. the best.