Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey, lookit all these discs!

One thing about moving, you have to pretty much take everything. Or sell it. Or give it away.

But you do end up finding a lot of things that perhaps you just put aside or forgot about - like DVDs.

Man, I don't remember owning so many darn DVD movies. I must have forty or fifty of them! (VHS, I have a couple hundred tapes, many of them unmarked (!). Sorry, I don't really have time to go through them all). So many I've simply... forgotten.

So many I never viewed. I think once I met Maggie my personal taste in videos/DVDs no longer seemed to matter that much - no! Maggie's not a witch, or control-hog over the remote! I'd just rather spend time with her than watch a movie!

But going through the pile - where did I GET some of this stuff?!

Evidently I hit up a Blockbuster sale at one time or another - many of them are marked "pre-viewed" (though not by me!?) Odd titles, like Rustler's Rhapsody (a musical Western, I guess), Punch (a girl who fights?), Phantom of the Opera (I loved that film, and play!), Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (yep, I bought it - somewhere), Cinematic Titanic presents Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (the MST3K guys' latest version - funny!), MST3K presents Santa Claus (evidently he wasn't conquering any Martians this time).

Evidently a whole lot of movies featuring cars, trucks, motorcycles and for all I know unicycles that were secretly fighting machines - I recall some rocket firing out of one a big rig's exhaust pipes, and the front of a car folding down to reveal guns!

Evidently a whole lot of movies featuring superheroes. The Phantom (Slam Evil!). The Black Scorpion (What if Adam West were a girl?). Nyoka, Queen of the Tiger Men! (Nyoka! Duck! Wha- ugh!) Captain Marvel and the Return of the Scorpion! (Where was he returning from? Vacation in Aruba?) The Spirit! (With the guy from Flash Gordon, Sam Jones!) Superman Villains! (Rats! My Elecrto-thanusia Ray is useless against him!) Fleisher Superman Cartoons, Remastered! (Gosh, Superman, that Bullet Car the villains are using is a lot sharper now!) The Justice League - Final Frontier! (Say, how come everyone's drawn by Darwin Cooke?)

And, no, I've never seen any of them. At least, not my copies. I do get out to movies and watch TV on occasion.

The point is, I have hundreds of hours of video I've never watched. I really should sit down and watch some of this stuff, sometime.


This is why I quit buying stuff years ago - because I never got around to watching the things I had. There's always something interesting on, or a cool new movie, or just spending time with people you care about. There are not enough hours in a day to do everything we want to, or should. (I know I should exercise - trouble is, it takes too much time - away from everything else I want to do).

I guess I really do have a lot of catching up to do.

Oaky, tonight it's Panther Woman of the Congo night!


Michael O'Connell said...

It's funny, but with me, I have lots and lots of DVDs that haven't gone into my machine - but I tend to only buy DVDs of films I've already seen and enjoyed (and would want to watch again). For me, there's a "collection" aspect to it. Your DVD collection (like your bookshelf) is a display thing, and says something about you. Mine, for example, generally says that I'm a nerd (the movies would have done fine, but it's all those seasons of Buffy, Angel, Stargate SG:1 and Star Trek that blows it). Thing is, with a collection of over 400 DVDs, I still never find the time to watch them. It just makes me feel better to know they're there when I DO get in the mood to watch them. Yet, now that I have all the extra time, I'm still not watching them (except for TV show stuff, because it's a lot easier to watch 45 minutes of a show ep than find time for 90-120 minutes of movie).

The good news is, my living the poor life now has curbed this senseless DVD stockpiling (one-click shopping on Amazon is too easy and tempting when you have a decent amount of disposable income laying around). The bad news is now that I've amassed this impressive collection, the DVD format is probably going to become obsolete any day now, and I'll be stuck with stacks of antiques.

Somebody got me the Santa vs. the Martians DVD as a Christmas gag gift, so it's in my collection. Never have watched it, though. Maybe this Christmas...

KC Ryan said...

Actually, I prefer the CInematic Titanic or MST3K versions of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Hey, it's a classic - and hilarious to boot with all their comments!