Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still bitterly cold here...

Just walked back a mile from Just Tires (hit a pothole - meh) and with the wind and all, it's about 36 degrees out (though bright and sunny - go figure).

And I passed a water-filled hole in a parking lot that was surrounded by bits of broken asphalt and mud. It reminded me a lot of my childhood, for some reason. I guess we used to have water-filled holes like that around the neighborhood, where the driveways hit the road. Funny how things remind you of the past.

Ah, spring. when the trees and lawns green up, and winter's bite is stilled in favor of cool winds.

I kind of feel sorry for you who live in areas where there are no change of seasons - not really. California definately does not benefit from the change, even though it can be claimed they have a winter. You just miss so much.

When I lived in Buffalo, I noticed that they made the most of the good weather, EVERY DAY. There were concerts on the M&T Bank steps, every day. Countless festivals and church picnics and outdoor concerts and fairs and... EVERY frickin' week! One summer I ate exclusively at church picnics on the weekends (Chabetta's chicken - mmm!) and often during the week.

People there really enjoyed summer - because they knew it was not to last long at all. In California it seemed people took the good weather a little for granted.

Even with the economy biting on our throats and all that, try this summer to get out to all those free festivals and National Parks and stuff that doesn't cost much, but really livens up a day. Maggie and I are planning to hit a couple parks this summer that are within driving distance, just to enjoy the day. And Arlington Racetrack is always fun.

Because although summer's not even here yet, it will soon be gone :)


Michael O'Connell said...

I'll accept your pity. 80 degrees here yesterday. My life is a nightmare. ;)

KC Ryan said...

Heh heh.

Hey, I liked California when I lived there - even if 80 degrees this early is too damned hot! :)

Geez, we barely hit 50 today and it feels warm!

That's how I rebroke my ankle.
True story.
Out at Notre Dame I broke my ankle jogging around the lakes (KC - jogging!? Really!?) and went through the winter (real winter!) with a cast on. Then we had a warming trend - 50 degrees or so, everyone's out enjoying the weather and I'm walking across campus, and a Frisbee comes winging my way. Stupid me, I run for it- crunching my cast in the process. Oy.