Wednesday, July 2, 2008


No, I did not choke to death on my own cooking, though you could read it that way (likely, if you've had my Margareta Chicken).

The Kansas City BBQ restaurant, down in San Diego, burned down last week, and this sad event has been talked about a lot by the people who went there.

Am I correct in saying that everyone I know who went to the San Diego Comic Con at one time or another has eaten there? The list is long, people...

The KC BBQ was located right next to the Embassy Suites, or close enough. That alone would have made it good, as it was a prime location for dinner after the Con closed (back when they had it at the old convention center) and even better, for lunch when the new center opened.

The food was delicious. Really. Either we don't have good BBQ in Chicagoland or the atmosphere just made it all the better.

It had to. Inside the restaurant was a veritable mess, with tables crowded together and all sorts of junk hanging from every post, all thanks to the movie Top Gun. What did the sign say? "Top Gun Cheesy Bar Scene Filmed Here"? "Cheap Bar"? Whatever it said, it was far worse.

Which made it better. :)

I always ate on the patio - even when it rained (which admittedly was not that much). The patio had just the right flavor, the nice outside views... damn, I'm going to miss that place.

Hopefully, by next year they'll have rebuilt - and I'm looking forward to digging in once again to a true classic.

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