Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a few More Hours...

Yesterday morning I was feeling low. Worries seemed to pile on and I just felt... bad.

By the afternoon I was feeling wonderful.

It's amazing what a Sunday afternoon outside can do for you.

Maggie and I went up to Lake Geneva, just across the border in Wisconsin. We walked around the town and the lake, visited a couple of our favorite stores, and had dinner on the waterfront with a nice view of the boats and the main dockhouse.

We went over afterward but the last boat tour wouldn't leave for almost an hour, but we did discover there's now a KC's Cones stand in the main dockhouse (Maggie kidded me that now she knew my secret source of cash, and I countered that it couldn't be me because it served Pepsi and I'm more of a Coke person).

Walked by the old arcade due to close for good at the end of the summer, and played a game of Ms PacMan (she kicked my tail - geez, she was good at that game. Hidden story there somewhere!) and then we walked a bit more and went home.

Oh, we stopped at the old Dog n Suds drive in, in Richmond. Supposedly there are only eleven of the places left, and only three within driving distance. We just got some diet root beer.

It's like going to an actual A&W, same effect. The root beer is just that much better, that much creamier, than much smoother than anything available in a store. It is so damn good you can't believe it's legal. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

There's something about the water, and boats, and root beer for that matter, that gets me in the summer time mood, that brings back memories of long ago. That just makes me happy.

I can't explain it, really. But if you've ever heard those ads, where the man talks laconically about how refreshing it is to play golf, or boat, or swim... well, it was Wisconsin, but it sure felt like heaven.

Remarkable what a Sunday afternoon can do.

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