Thursday, June 18, 2009

Up yers!

Actually, UP mine, too!
I went to see UP last night, a delightful movie that, despite what some might perceive as flaws, really shines as a HINLAMW movie (that's "hey, I never looked at my watch!" - a sure sign of a movie's ability to engross me!)
I apologize if there are some SPOILERS in here, but it's rather hard to discuss the movie without spoiling SOMEthing.
There's a pretty long sequence where we see Mr. F and Elly living their lives together. I know some critics maintain that it slows the movie a bit or is too realiztic for kids or some such, but it does a nice job of showing two people deeply in love - and explaining just why Mr. F. would go to such lengths as flying his house to South America.
There are some bits involving talking dogs that are a little much, and having Mr. F and a Wilderness Scout haul his house around, even attached to balloons, beggars belief. But by and large it's one enjoyable road trip.
I own't spoil it by telling you about it more - just go see it. You'll enjoy it, AT WORST, and love it at best. It's a very neat summer movie.


Jim McClain said...

Tell the truth. Did the first ten minutes make you shed a tear?

I thought it was the most touching sequence ever put on film. And all of it done without a word of dialogue.

Anonymous said...


John Phelan from Buffalo. Stumbled upon your blog. Sorry to hear about your dad.

KC Ryan said...

Thanks, John.

My dad's actually getting a little better, thanks, though some days are better than others.

Good to hear from you! What are you up to these days?

Drop me a line sometime, Mr. anonymous! ;)