Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Riverdance, ya scrod!

No I have no idea what that means, it just sounds kind of Irish.

Maggie and I went to see Riverdance this weekend, our third time, but first at the Rosemont Theatre. It's really more of an auditorium than a theatre - big, wide space. Of which we found ourselves sitting way way over to the right.

Oh, well, we'd see the show from an angle, that was okay.

Then an usher comes up and shoos us out of our seats. We weren't quite sure what was up.

She took us down to the VERY middle in the VERY front row. Best seats in the house, bar none!

What had we done to deserve this, I'll never know. She did fill in the whole row with other people, but we were in the exact center.

It was a good show, with a few minor tweaks from past performances. The men seemed to have hang time as they flew across the stage, with prodigious leaps (see the vocab you pick up from reading The Incredible Hulk?). The gals were fleet of feet as well.

All in all, a lovely night, made all the better because an usher decided we had "lousy seats" (her term) and she gave us better ones.

Thanks, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are tonight!

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